Checkout Settings

Customer Support Email

Provide an email address that customers can contact for help with their payment.

Allow Gifting

Allow customers to purchase packages for another customer.

Dark Mode

Toggle to ensure consistent branding across dark webstore templates and Tebex Checkout.

Sales Tax Mode

Select if your package prices include tax or exclude VAT/sales tax. Whether your customer buying the package pays for the tax within the package price (Inclusive) or pays tax in addition to/after the package price at checkout (Exclusive).

Inclusive Pricing

Less for the customer to calculate pricing-wise - “What you see, is what you get” pricing, but can affect your earnings as you’re effectively making products less expensive by including the tax already within the package.

Exclusive Pricing

More earnings per sold product may surprise prospective customers by potentially significantly increasing the price of any given product dependent on governing bodies where the customer is located.

Seller Best Practice: Exclusive pricing has the potential to reduce completed transactions and increase cart abandonment.

Examples of packages:


Package Price: £10 (Tax is part of the package price)

Customer Pays at checkout: £10 (This is the final price for the package).


Package Price: £10 (Tax has not been included in price)

Customer Pays at checkout: Package Price (£10) + Tax

Please consider your community and pricing expectations before you select the option best for you.

For more information regarding tax or Tebex’s policies regarding sales Tax please review the tax help guide

If you come across a country or region that does not display package price changes until checkout when “Sales Tax Mode” is set to exclusive, please contact our team or email to have someone from our team investigate.

Test Mode

Show a test payment method to test checkout integration.

Remove Test Payments

Remove payments creating using the test payment method.

Remember to disable 'Test Mode' before launching your Tebex store.

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