Tebex Store supports over 30 languages for your webstore by default. We also allow you to upload custom translations if you want to support a language that we do not offer, which you can read about here. Please note: not all areas of the webstore are translated, for a fully customised translation, we would recommend you use a custom template for full control over your store languages.

Change Your Default Webstore Language

  1. Go to Webstore > Translations.

  2. Click Enable on the language which you want your store to be displayed in by default.

Supported Languages

  1. Afrikaans

  2. Catalan

  3. Czech

  4. Danish

  5. German

  6. Greek

  7. English (UK)

  8. English (US)

  9. Spanish

  10. Finnish

  11. French

  12. Croatian

  13. Hungarian

  14. Italian

  15. Japanese

  16. Korean

  17. Latvian

  18. Malay

  19. Dutch

  20. Norwegian

  21. Polish

  22. Portuguese (Brazil)

  23. Portuguese (Portugal)

  24. Romanian

  25. Russian

  26. Serbian

  27. Swedish

  28. Turkish

  29. Ukrainian

  30. Vietnamese

  31. Chinese (Simplified)

  32. Chinese (Traditional)

Kindly be aware that Tebex Support exclusively offers assistance to users in English, as our Tebex admin panel operates in this language. If you need support, please ensure to translate your request to English, and we will do our utmost to assist you effectively.

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