Changing Discord ID's

Only proceed with modifying the Discord ID if it has been clearly input incorrectly or if the user has logged in using the wrong account. Exercise caution when making this change and thoroughly review server logs and roles to confirm that the buyer is not trying to falsely claim double the purchased roles.

  • Firstly, locate the ' transaction ' on your payments page.

  • Easily find the transaction by selecting the filter action and pasting the ' transaction ID ' into the search filter box once you have identified the transaction in question.

  • Once you've found your ' transaction,' navigate to the transaction details. Locate the ' Packages ' widget and choose ' Details.'

  • Upon accessing the ' Details ' of the package, you should find information corresponding to the Discord invite, the assigned role, and variables, including the unique Discord ' ID. '

  • Now you have opened up the ' Package details ' you can hit " Change "

  • You can edit the Discord ID at this stage. Please note that this should be the Discord 'ID,' not the name. If the buyer is unsure how to locate their Discord ID, kindly guide them through the simple steps outlined in this link: Recover Discord Unique ID.

  • After entering the user's ID and selecting " Update," proceed to resend the Discord actions.

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