Resending Commands

Please exercise caution when reissuing commands. Ensure thorough checks are conducted within the game server or Discord platform to prevent the unintended issuance of multiple purchased goods associated with Tebex commands. It's crucial to guarantee that players do not receive duplicate items or services unless intended.

  • First, locate the transaction on which you wish to execute the ' Resend action '.

  • Easily find the transaction by selecting the filter action and pasting the ' transaction ID ' into the search filter box once you have identified the transaction.

  • After selecting the transaction, scroll down to the ' Commands ' section on the payment page to proceed with the transaction details.

  • Ensure that you have conducted the necessary checks on the transaction. Subsequently, you can proceed by clicking on ' Resend.' This action will resend any commands associated with the purchased Package.

  • You can also resend just one ' Specific ' command attached to the transaction.

  • Below the ' Commands ' section, you'll find the ' Processed Commands ' area. This displays a dialogue list of commands that have been previously processed and are associated with the purchased package.

  • After identifying the correct command for resending in the list, select ' Resend. ' This action will send only the specific individual command.

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