Tebex Footer

Upon creating your store you may notice the footer at the bottom of your store stating that it is powered by Tebex and that we are the reseller & merchant of record.

Hiding the footer on your webstore will void our terms and conditions and will result in us having to disable your store from the public.

As a merchant of record platform we are under strict requirements by the card networks, such as Visa & Mastercard, to ensure customers understand which company they are purchasing from. You are authorising Tebex to operate a webstore on your behalf and sell content that we license from you, thus we need to let customers know about this as clearly as possible.

The colour scheme of the footer matches your Tebex Checkout colour scheme. You're able to select between Dark or Light mode by viewing your Checkout settings within the creator panel, or if you would like custom colours, please contact support@tebex.io and let us know the HEX values you'd like and we can configure this on your store for you.

We don't place the footer for our own marketing/branding benefit - we simply have to do it to be able to provide you with all the benefits you receive as us being the Merchant Of Record, such as:

  1. 100 payment method integrations

  2. Sales tax collection and remittance worldwide

  3. Fraud protection & our chargeback guarantee

  4. Easy to integrate product delivery for your game studio & server

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