Product Deliverables Configuration

On this page we will provide guidance on how to use our deliverable options for your product sales, to ensure a smooth transaction between you and your customer.

File Downloads

When creating your package select the File Download option. You will then be prompted to upload your file directly to the Tebex servers - this means you no longer need to worry about hosting your file on an external site.

Once your file is uploaded - you are done! Your customers will receive an email after their purchase is completed with a button to download your file directly from Tebex.

When you view a payment containing a file download, you will see the timestamp the customer clicked 'download', and the option to resend the download link to the customer:

Points to Note (File Downloads)

  • This also works very well with manual payments, if you need to manually issue a product, simply head to create a payment, and input the username and the email address where the download will be sent, assign the package and click create. Your customer will receive the email containing your downloadable file in seconds.

  • If your customer contacts you stating they haven't received their email - please ask them to check their spam or junk folders, and search "Tebex" in their email.

  • File size is limited to 300MB.

  • All modern store types can use this deliverable - however, this is not available to legacy stores. If you are currently on the legacy system and wish to modernise, you'll need to convert to Tebex Checkout.

License Keys

Tebex now supports a license key system. If you would like to utilise this extremely useful automated system to issue license keys for your product, please read on.

Please ensure that the product you wish to sell on Tebex follows the Tebex ToS and AuP, if you are not sure if you can use Tebex for your license key needs, please contact to discuss your individual needs.

If you'd like to use our store platform and license key system for a videogame you have developed, please send us an email ( to discuss how we can tailor our services to your videogame. When emailing us you will be redirected to the appropriate manager to handle your enquiry.

Selling License Keys

When creating your package, select the License Key option at the bottom of the page. You will then be given the option to upload your CSV of license keys directly, or to view our license key CSV template. Ensure your CSV follows the template provided, and click upload CSV (only using the first column). After selecting your file, you will see your license keys displayed below:

When this product is purchased by a customer a license key will be sent to them immediately via email, and the license key will be removed automatically from the available keys. Easy! This is an ideal automated system for many developers and communities.

Points to Note (License Keys)

  • If your customer contacts you stating they haven't received their email - please ask them to check their spam or junk folders, and search "Tebex" in their email.

  • Please ensure your CSV is formatted correctly before listing your product for sale so that your customers will receive the correct license key promptly.

  • Your CSV can only hold 500 license keys at once.

  • Your CSV can be re-uploaded unlimited times so you can replenish your license keys.

  • All store types can use this deliverable (however, may be particularly suited for the Discord store type if you are running a community that does not have a game server).

  • You can view the license key given to an individual customer by viewing the payment.

FiveM Assets

If you are a content creator for FiveM, you have likely encountered instances of your work being stolen and re-sold or redistributed for free without your consent. We have worked alongside CFX to provide you with the tools necessary to protect your work and to combat theft and leaks.

FiveM Asset Guide

To begin with, ensure that you have linked your account - you will not be able to continue further without doing this.

For a full guide on how to use the asset manager to fully support your content creations, please view the walkthrough found here.

Points to Note (FiveM Assets)

  • This deliverable is only available for FiveM stores.

  • You can move your packages onto the new system easily and smoothly using the guide above.

  • Your packages can include multiple deliverables at once, such as FiveM Assets, Discord Actions, and Webhooks and more.

  • Perfect for subscription products, with access revoked automatically once the subscription is cancelled.

  • One-off payments for assets will never revoke access to the product (there is no expiry date for the asset).

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