Cumulative Packages

The cumulative packages feature enables your customers to upgrade from one package to the next by only paying the price difference between the first and the second package. This is a convenient way to create a ranking system for your products.

An example of cumulative packages is shown below:

  • Package A = $10

  • Package B = $30

A customer purchases Package A for $10. The customer will now be able to purchase Package B for $20 in the future. ($30 - $10 = $20).

Please note: that the cumulative packages feature is logged historically. If the customer purchased a package included in your cumulative ranking at any point, they will still receive the discounted pricing. This discount does not expire even if the package expires, for example, if the package lasts for 30 days, the discount will still be available after this time.

You can enable packages to be cumulative by selecting the option on the category edit page.

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