Command Troubleshooting

If commands are not executing on your server you can try our troubleshooting guides below.

Have You Installed The Plugin?

Make sure that you have installed the plugin on your game server by following one of our helpful guides. We have guides available for each game and plugin we support.

Have You Waited?

Commands on average execute instantly however sometimes it could take up to 5 minutes for the player to receive their packages. Commands are configured by default to only execute once the player is online - you can change this option by clicking on the settings button next to each command. The option is called "Require the player to be online".

Are The Commands Setup Properly?

Double check that all the commands in your packages have been entered properly and there are no formatting mistakes. Ensure that you also do not include a "/" before the command as this is not needed. If you want more information about commands you can view our helpful guide.

Check Commands Via Your Console

On rare occasions some commands you normally enter in game might not work if they are executed via the console (The way commands are executed when setup with Tebex). A good test to see if the command works properly is to simply execute the command yourself in the console and see if it returns any errors. The major cause of commands not working via Tebex is that the actual command itself is not working properly.

Is the Tebex Plugin Throwing An Error?

If you can see errors in your console from a Tebex Store Plugin then please copy these errors and send them to our support team. You can email us via

Contact Us

If you have tried all of the above please contact our support team via or the help button in the bottom right of all Tebex websites. Please include server logs and any other helpful information so we can assist you.