Post Purchase Follow Ups

Sending an email to a player after a period of time of purchasing something from your webstore is a proven way of increasing sales. A lot of Enterprise customers send an email for example a few days after a purchase including a coupon code to entice them to purchasing again. This feature allows you to do just that.

How To Setup

  1. Go to Engagement > Purchase Follow Ups.

  2. Enable the feature by clicking the checkbox at the top of the form.

  3. Enter the following options to configure the feature to your liking:


  1. Coupon Discount - Enter the percentage discount of the coupon which should be sent to the player.

  2. Coupon Duration - The amount of time which this coupon should remain active for. A lower duration is proven to increase impulse purchases.

  3. Email Delay - How long the delay should be until the email is sent to the player after they've made their purchase. You can also choose the value to be in hours, days or weeks.

  4. Email Subject - The subject of the email sent to your player. This should be worded in a way which entices your players to open the email, such as "Hey! Thanks for your purchase - here's a coupon code as a thank you for your support".

  5. You can also disable follow up emails on payments that were free (No actual money was received via a payment gateway).


You can view how well the follow up emails are performing by viewing the available statistics. You can view these by going to Statistics > Purchase Follow Ups.

We love to hear how well these revenue increasing features are working for all our customers. Let us know if you're generating extra revenue!