Answers to some of the most common questions about Checkout.

Can I use other payment gateways alongside Checkout?

When using Tebex Checkout, all payment gateways are provided by us - from PayPal to local payment methods. This is to ensure a seamless checkout flow, correct handling of sales tax, and to make the most of our advanced fraud protection. We designed Checkout to remove the hassle of dealing with payment gateways & the fraud that comes with doing so, as nobody likes dealing with the those headaches. We're also able to remove the hassle of dealing with Chargebacks - if we win or lose, you still keep all your earnings and we take on the risk.

Do I have to provide identity checks or any other documentation?

We only request further information to comply with KYC / ALM regulations if our automated system flags your account during the withdrawal process. The process is quick and you'll have access to your earnings after a few working days.