The Developers section in Tebex provides powerful tools for integrating and customizing your webstore to meet specific needs. It consists of two main subsections: Webhooks and Login Webhooks.
Webhooks: Webhooks in Tebex offer a seamless way to receive notifications for various webstore events, such as new payments, refunds, chargebacks, and subscription renewals. When triggered, Tebex sends HTTP requests containing JSON objects to specified endpoints configured to subscribe to relevant events. These endpoints can be hosted on external systems like websites, forums, or databases. Webhooks open up a whole new world of possibilities for integrating Tebex with your own backend systems, facilitating real-time updates and data synchronization.
Login Webhooks: The Login Verification feature allows you to integrate a custom authentication layer into your Tebex webstore. By setting up player verification, the webstore sends essential information about the player attempting to log in, including their username (ign), IP address, and country code, to an endpoint hosted on your own website. Based on your custom response, you can control whether the customer is allowed or denied access to log in. This powerful functionality empowers store owners to implement additional security measures and tailor login processes according to their specific requirements.
Both Webhooks and Login Webhooks provide developers with the flexibility to enhance and personalize the Tebex experience for their users. However, it is essential to exercise caution while using these features and ensure adequate knowledge of the underlying technologies to avoid unintended consequences and disruptions in the webstore's functionality.
At Tebex, providing support for this specific matter is beyond our scope. We understand that not everyone is familiar with programming, and in such cases, we suggest seeking assistance from a qualified contractor who has expertise in this area. You can share this article with them, as it contains sufficient information to help them develop a custom system tailored to your needs.