Sidebar Modules

Tebex Store offers full customisation of the modules on the right hand side of your webstore. Modules allows you to display all types of useful information to your players on your store.

Add A New Module To Your Store

  1. Go to Webstore > Design > Modules.

  2. Click Create Module.

  3. Select the type of module you want to display on your store. We have listed these below for your information.

  4. Enter the options which each module may request.

  5. Click Create.

  6. You may drag and drop the modules so they are organised how you want them to be after creating your new module.

Available Modules

You can select from a wide array of modules to display on your store.

Community Goals

Show to your players how close you are to funding a community goal.

Display a package on your store which you want to draw increased attention to.

Gift Card Balance

Allow players to check the balance of their gift cards.

Payment Goal

Set a goal of monthly payments on your store so players know if you have enough money to fund your server.

Recent Payments

Display a list of recent payments to your webstore.

Server Status

Display the online player count of your server (Only some games are supported with this such as Minecraft - we're working on supporting more soon!).

Text Box

Display a custom text box which allows you to enter any content you like.

Top Customer

Display the customer who has spent the most on your webstore in a certain time frame.