Community Goals

Community goals provide you with another way of incentivising your players for supporting your server. Purchases of qualifying packages will count towards the community goal target, resulting in commands being executed once the target is met for example a global XP boost or server-wide loot drops. Alternatively you can set up a community goal to automatically activate a sale on your store once the target is met.

How To Set Up A Community Goal

  1. Go to Engagement

  2. Go to Community Goals

  3. Click Create Community Goal

  4. Enter the details to create your community goal:

  • Name - the name of the community goal

  • Description - some details about the community goal - what the target is, what the community will receive for reaching the target etc.

  • Image - a graphic to represent the community goal

  • Target - the monetary target to trigger the rewards

  • Activate Sale On Goal - If you want a sale to be activated on your store once the target is reached, select the sale here.

  • Community Goal Is Repeatable - By default a community goal will only run once - once the target is reached, the community goal is disabled. If you want the target to reset to 0 and count up towards another reward, check this box.

  • Packages - Select one or more packages whose purchases will contribute to the target for this community goal.

  • Commands - If you want global commands to be activated on your server once the target is reached, create them here.

Show Community Goal Progress

By default, a community goal won't show up on your store, and will just run in the background. To show the progress on your store (and encourage players to purchase to contribute towards it), you can use a webstore module:

  1. Go to Webstore

  2. Go to Design

  3. Go to Sidebar

  4. Click Create Module

  5. Next to Community Goal, click Create

  6. Enter the details to create the display module:

  • Header - The title to show above the module

  • Community Goal - The community goal (created above) to which this relates

  • Bar Style - Should the progress bar be a solid bar or striped

  • Animate Goal Bar - Should the progress bar slide up on load.

  • Display Goal Amount - Show the monetary value of the target, rather than just a percentage.

  • Start/End Time - Only show the module for a certain amount of time (does not affect the end time of the community goal itself, just the display module).