Customer Lookup

If you have concerns about a customer and you think they may be liable to opening a chargeback you can view their previous history across all webstores on the Tebex Platform. We never display personal data from other webstores however we are able to give you an idea if they are likely to open another chargeback on your webstore.

Lookup A Customer

  1. Go to Customers > Lookup.

  2. Enter the username (or ID, it depends on the game you are operating) and click Search.

  3. You'll then be directed to the available information we have about that player - look below for details on what this data means.

Chargeback Rate

This is the percentage of times the customer makes a purchase across the Tebex Store Platform and then opens a chargeback. If this is high we recommend banning this customer from your webstore as they might just open a chargeback against you too.

Total Bans

This is the total amount of times a customer has been banned across all stores on the Tebex Platform. If this is also high it means that the player has a reputation of causing issues on other stores which use Tebex.

And much more...

We also display useful information such as the total amount they have spent on your store and you can also view each individual payment made to you. The customer lookup system is great for getting an overview of a customer.