Game Servers

Integrating Tebex with your game server is simple - however, we have different tutorials for each game we support.

You can find guides for each game under the "Integrating with your game server or website" section in the navigation on the left.

On the Tebex platform we support the following types of game server integrations:

  • Game servers - Link your game server directly to Tebex using one of our plugins. Our plugins will poll for commands every 1 minute, this ensures your players will receive their products very shortly after purchase.

  • MYSQL - Link your MYSQL database to Tebex. We cannot assist you in using MYSQL for your server, so please only consider using MYSQL if you already know how to use this database tool.

  • RCON - RCON stands for "remote console" and allows you to issue commands directly to your game server without needing a Tebex plugin installed. However, some settings such as executing commands even if the player is offline will not work with RCON.

You may find that you prefer one type of integration over another, and this is perfectly fine! However, please be aware that there are some settings that are not available outside of certain integrations, and we would recommend the plugin in almost every situation.