Configuring Fraud Prevention

The Tebex Platform provides free fraud protection to all merchants. We look at several data factors across our 20m processed payments and 10m unique players to determine if they're trying to perform fraudulent actions. We save hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in chargebacks across all the webstores on the platform.

This guide isn't applicable to stores which are using Tebex Checkout. If you're using Checkout, all fraud protection is automatically handled for you and we even fight chargebacks on your behalf. If we win or lose a chargeback, you still keep all your original earnings (in line with our terms). The configuration options listed below will not be visible in your control panel if Checkout is enabled.


To configure your fraud protection, go to Fraud > Tebex Fraud. You can find all the options available explained in detail below:

Chargeback Threshold

The chargeback threshold is the major configuration option for Tebex Fraud and determines how strict it should be when preventing customers from purchasing on your webstore. The lower the percentage, the more strict the checking is. If you set the threshold to 10%, it means that if the player has made 10 payments across the Tebex platform, but has opened a chargeback on 1 of those payments, their chargeback rate will be 10% and will be prevented from purchasing. We recommend setting your chargeback threshold in the 30-40% range.

Chargeback Time Period

This is the period which the above chargeback threshold is calculated. Any payments made before this time frame will not be counted towards their chargeback rate.

Username / IP Threshold Blocker

These two options allow you to base the checking on their username (and/or) their IP address. You might only want to block IP addresses from purchasing if that IP has a history of chargebacks instead of using both usernames and IPs.

Chargeback Value Bypass

You can bypass the fraud protection if a users total chargeback value across the entire Tebex Platform is below a percentage of their current basket value. This ensures you do not block large payments if the customer only has a history of making minor chargebacks.

Local Ban Chargeback Threshold

This setting allows you to automatically create a ban entry in your webstore for a player if they open x or more chargebacks towards you.